Email Marketing

Making Email Marketing Work in 2019

February 6, 2019

Late last year Europe introduced the general data protection regulation or GDPR meant to curb the amount of spam that people receive in their email accounts.  That left the marketing community wondering if email marketing was still a viable tool for their businesses. Yes it is a viable tool but making email marketing work in 2019 is a little different than it used to be.

Stay Compliant

Privacy is a huge concern today particularly when it comes to marketing.  You have to be careful how you use the data that you collect.  It make be time to update your privacy policy to one that is GDPR compliant, even if Europe isn’t where the bulk of your business comes from.

Make Sure Your Emails are Mobile Friendly

Most people today read email on their phone rather than on a desk top.  Always preview your email first on a mobile device or with a free tool like  It will show you exactly what your email looks like on a phone or a tablet.  The same thing applies to different free email services, what looks great on Gmail may not look so great on Outlook.

Don’t Use HTML

HTML allows you to change the look of your email but if you make a mistake it is totally ruined. Some email providers will mark your email as spam if they detect HTML in the body.  If you insist on using HTML then make sure you test it before you send it to your list.

Typos and Other Mistakes

A typo is not the end of the world, they happen but sending someone to the wrong link is a mistake that will cost you money.  Always double check your email to make sure that everything in there is not only spelled correctly but that your links are going to the right place.  Sending out two or three emails because you made a mistake is a good way to kill your list.

Make the Unsubscribe Button Easy to Find

If someone doesn’t want to receive your emails any longer then let them remove themselves from your list.  Make it easy to find otherwise they will start marking your emails as spam and that will get you into trouble.

Don’t Just Sell

If every email you send is a sales letter people are going to get sick of them pretty quick.  Send out newsletter about what is new in your niche, solve a problem for them, tell a story but don’t make every letter salesy.

Email marketing still offers a tremendous ROI if you handle it smartly.  Prospects may get half a dozen or more of your emails before they decide to buy something from you.  Email marketing alongside a good sales funnel can do tremendous things for your business.